Costs in your Legal matter

Published 16 Jan 2014

The legal costs you are likely to incur is certainly one of the important matters requiring consideration.

In certain matters, we are able to provide our clients with a set-fee estimate for our services.  The areas where this arrangement most often applies is with less complex property transactional matters including for the purchase and sale of residential property and businesses, less complex commercial leases, less complex Wills and Estate matters as well as certain limited areas of Family Law and Migration services.

In other cases, for example : more complex and demanding litigation, complex commercial transactional work and advanced Estate planning, you would expect that it can be very difficult to provide a set-fee estimate.  However, in those cases, we will still provide you with costs estimates, usually on a stage-by-stage basis, to assist you as your matter progresses.

In certain areas of law involving primarily negligence and compensation matters we are able, where appropriate, to undertake the matter on a pay-at-end basis subject to certain conditions which may include payment of out of pocket expenses as your matter progresses.

In certain Family Law matters we may be able to arrange funding via one of the reputable litigation funders who provide ongoing funding for such matters to meet legal expenses as the matter progresses to completion.

We are happy to discuss the important issue of costs with you both before and during the progress of your matter.

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I remain extremely grateful for Maloufs legal representation related to my financial management of the estate of my brother and for your continuing help and advice in this matter. As an aside, I always recommend Maloufs to my friends and family members who are seeking the best legal representation - only last week, I strongly advised a close family friend that their best interests would be served by arranging an appointment at your Parramatta offices.
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