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\In Business Law & Commercial Litigation our clients receive timely, practical and cost-effective advice. We spend a lot of time at the Local and District Courts primarily in Sydney and Parramatta as well as the Supreme Court, Federal Court of Australia and High Court of Australia. Our skill and experience in technical and complex commercial work, including dispute resolution matters, means that we provide our clients with timely and experienced advice including options as to what action they may take. As litigation is largely uncertain, we aggressively seek commercial resolutions of all disputes by way of mediation and negotiations to both minimise the legal costs to you and to resolve matters without the need for protracted litigation, where possible. Where a resolution is not achievable, we will vigorously defend and/or prosecute your interests and claims with dedication, passion and diligence.

We also retain only very highly regarded Senior and Junior Counsel (Barristers) to advise and appear in Court matters when necessary.

Commercial Litigation Service Areas:

  • Contract and Agreement Disputes;
  • Partnership Disputes;
  • Inter Director and/or Shareholder Disputes;
  • Minority Shareholder Claims & Oppression Disputes;
  • Joint Ventures & Merger Disputes;
  • Professional Negligence Disputes;
  • Equity & Trust Disputes;
  • Corporate & Personal Debt Recovery;
  • Corporate and Personal Insolvency Matters;
  • Government Contract Disputes;
  • Financial Service Litigation;
  • Will and deceased estate Disputes;
  • Payment Claims, Leasing and Property Disputes;
  • Property Transactional Disputes with regard Caveats and Mortgages;
  • Possession Claims;
  • Urgent Injunctions: including Restraint of Trade and Bank Guarantees;
  • Mediation and Dispute Resolution;
  • Employment Disputes;
  • Defamation and Slander matters;

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I remain extremely grateful for Maloufs legal representation related to my financial management of the estate of my brother and for your continuing help and advice in this matter. As an aside, I always recommend Maloufs to my friends and family members who are seeking the best legal representation - only last week, I strongly advised a close family friend that their best interests would be served by arranging an appointment at your Parramatta offices.
John of Parramatta NSW

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