Estates, Wills & Advanced Estate Planning & Estate Litigation

Estates, Wills, Advanced Estate Planning & Estate Litigation, Enduring Power of Attorney & Enduring Guardianship Arrangements

With over 50 years of combined experience preparing Wills and/or Letters of Administration, whether simple or complex, we can help you ‘put things in order’ allowing you to confidently plan your affairs for the future. This area of law has become increasingly complex with many changes reflecting the more complex lifestyle in which many of us live particularly in situations where you may have been married or in de facto relationship on more than one occasion and have children from one or more of those relationships.  Our Lawyers will assist you in the following areas:

Estates, Wills and Advanced Estate Planning and Estate Litigation service areas:

  • Preparation and advice on simple and more complex Wills;
  • Trust Preparation;
  • Advice on Powers of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Attorney;
  • Advice on Enduring Guardianship arrangements;
  • Probate and Letters of Administration including:
  • Grant of Probate with a Will
  • Grant of Probate without a Will
  • Grant of Probate with regard a copy of a Will
  • Grant of Probate with regard a lost Will
  • Complex and less complex Estate and Succession planning;
  • Testamentary Trusts;
  • Asset protection;
  • Use of Trusts before and after passing;
  • Family Provision Claims made and defended;

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I would just like to say thank you to Anthony who assisted my son in his matter. He is a first home buyer and was pressured into signing a contract prior to obtaining legal advice. The contract was certainly was not the normal straight forward type. To be able to obtain the help and assistance he did from Anthony and rescind the offer the next day, was wonderful. We were able to have a stress free Christmas. I am unable to thank him enough for this. My son and our family will be contacting Anthony when we find the next property.
Kim of Sydney

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