Business Succession

We give you experienced and thoughtful assistance in this often complex and sometimes perplexing area of law

Business Succession Services:

  • Business Succession Agreements (“Buy/Sell”)
  • Put and call –v- Mandatory Agreements
  • Trigger Events
  • Valuation Issues – Value of the Business
  • Funding Options
  • Using Superannuation?
  • Who pays the premiums?
  • Tax Deductibility of insurance premiums
  • Insurance – How much is enough? Key person too?

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I remain extremely grateful for Maloufs legal representation related to my financial management of the estate of my brother and for your continuing help and advice in this matter. As an aside, I always recommend Maloufs to my friends and family members who are seeking the best legal representation - only last week, I strongly advised a close family friend that their best interests would be served by arranging an appointment at your Parramatta offices.
John of Parramatta NSW

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